Saturday, October 10, 2015

Happy Columbus Day?!

This year, October 12th is Columbus Day. This is a holiday I always thought was cool, mostly because it often landed on my birthday. When I was in 5th grade my understanding of this day was that, magically, Christopher Columbus sailed right up to America and discovered it right then and there. I was impressed with Columbus because I figured he was the one started the colonies and such. My understanding was, clearly, very off. The Native Americans had their established way of life that worked perfectly for them by the time Columbus got here - it wasn't like he was the first one to figure out that there was land here.

Something we were never taught when we were younger was that Columbus was a jerk and he didn't even mean to discover America - he thought he was in India. Columbus took Natives prisoner as soon as he realized that they had gold and that they could guide him to different places in the Americas. Also, Columbus was power crazy; he stated that he "could conquer the whole of them [the indegenous peoples] with 50 men, and govern them as [he] pleased." (Learn more about Columbus here!)

However, I can't deny that Columbus did have a major effect on the course of history - he brought a lot of Europeans over here, which lead to settlers moving to North America. What are your thoughts about Christopher Columbus?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


During class, we have been talking a lot about reliability. We've talked about why a person would be or not be reliable. According to the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, one of the definitions of reliability is "the extent to which an experiment, test, or measuring procedure yields the same result on repeated trial." I found this interesting because this definition sounds very clear-cut and technical. However, after talking about reliability for the past couple days I have found that, for me, reliability has a lot of grey area. I tend to lean on people - I either trust you or I don't, and the people I trust are the people I rely on. My brothers, to me, are completely reliable. I can trust them with anything. However, there are some people who I rely on for specific things but I would not say that these people are overall reliable people. My belief is that a person should be thought of as reliable, unless you have a reason to think that a person is not reliable. I've noticed that it's hard to make friendships and grow your relationships with people when you assume the worst from a person.

What are your thoughts?